Capri Boat Tours

Do you want to explore the incredible Capri Island?
Book a full-day guided tour. Get some tan on your private yacht, enjoy amazing caves and swim in wonderful clear water!

Full Day Private Boat Tour to Capri

How long does it take to boat around Capri? Can Capri be done in one day? Yes, you can see most of Capri in one day!
This is the perfect itinerary for a pleasant discovery of the island. As shown in the map below, our private boat trip takes you from Amalfi Coast to Capri, passing by the Li Galli in Positano, the Bay of Nerano and Punta Campanella

Full Day Private Boat Tour to Capri

Our Capri boat tour includes the best sights that you can visit only by sea!

The entire island is a catalogue of rocks, sea stacks, caves and natural arches. The beauty of this famous holiday destination is not to be missed, because of the Faraglioni and the Blue Grotto.



We'll visit the
most famous caves



We'll visit the
top beaches


Tour of Capri By Boat

Discover an unmissable list of natural wonders to explore in Capri.
What are the most recommended things to do on the island?
We have captured some of them on this collection - get inspired!

  • Faraglioni Rocks
  • Blue Grotto
  • Saints Grotto
  • Green Grotto
  • White Grotto
  • Marina Piccola
The best Capri trips and excursions Tour of Capri By Boat

Private Boat Rental in Capri?

Take a tour of the island. See all the available yacht for rent!

Amalfi Coast to Capri Boat Excursion

Amalfi Coast to Capri
Boat Excursion

Visit two of the most popular day trip destinations in one tour! A full-day excursion (8 hours) from Amalfi/Positano to Capri delivers a perfect combination of natural beauty and history in a relaxing cruise. You can also decide to depart from Sorrento. Make the most of your time on Capri with this private boat tour on board a speed and modern yacht:


Departure from the Amalfi Coast passing by Conca dei Marini, Fjord of Furore and Li Galli Island - Positano.


Next step Punta Campanella and Capri sea caves: Heart Grotto, Punta Tragara, Green Grotto and the Saints Grotto.


Stop for a swim between Marina Piccola and the Green Grotto.


Visit to the Faraglioni passing through the arch of the Faraglioni di Mezzo. Another stop for a swim.


Finally, a little stop to the White Grotto.


Note: please be advised that to get to the Blue Grotto, you have to pay the entrance ticket and you have to wait in a long line, a detail that sometimes gets forgotten. Make sure to optimize your itinerary in the best way!

All You Need to Know About the Tour


This full-day trip (7 hours) is limited to 10 passengers and 01 skipper. The guided tour includes stops with free time to swim.

Included Services

Open bar with water, coca cola, prosecco, beer and welcome drink. Limoncello tasting and appetizers. Snorkelling sets, cushions, beach towels and lifebelts.

Extra Services on Request

Restaurant reservations and grottoes entrance tickets.

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